Restaurant Picker App (iOS)


Seamlessly navigate the culinary landscape with our innovative iOS application powered by SwiftUI and Google Places API. Explore a world of dining possibilities at your fingertips.

A wheel of fortune for restuarants

Are you a food enthusiast lost for choice?

Imagine having a personal restaurant picker app at your fingertips. With SwiftUI and the Google Places API, creating your own iOS app for discovering the perfect dining spot becomes an exciting project.

Getting Started with SwiftUI

SwiftUI, Apple’s intuitive framework for building user interfaces, offers a streamlined approach to iOS app development. Its declarative syntax simplifies the creation of engaging and dynamic UIs.

Integration of Google Places API

The Google Places API opens doors to a wealth of location-based information. By leveraging this API, developers can access restaurant data, including details, ratings, reviews, and more, enriching the app’s functionality and user experience.

Key Features to Implement

Search Functionality: Enable users to explore restaurants based on specific criteria like cuisine type, location, or ratings. Details and Reviews: Provide comprehensive details about selected restaurants, including user reviews and ratings to aid decision-making. Maps Integration: Integrate maps to display restaurant locations and help users navigate to their chosen spots effortlessly. Customization: Tailor the app with SwiftUI’s versatile components, allowing for an attractive and user-friendly interface.

Development Process

Setting Up the Project: Initialize a SwiftUI project in Xcode, laying the foundation for your app. Google Places API Integration: Utilize the Google Places API to fetch restaurant data and incorporate it into your app’s structure. UI Design: Leverage SwiftUI’s powerful tools to design an intuitive and visually appealing interface for users. Implementing Functionality: Integrate search features, restaurant details, and map functionalities to ensure a seamless user experience.


Crafting a restaurant picker app using SwiftUI and the Google Places API presents an exciting opportunity to blend cutting-edge technology with a love for good food. Empower users to discover hidden culinary gems effortlessly and elevate their dining experiences.

With SwiftUI’s elegance and the extensive capabilities of the Google Places API, the possibilities for creating a standout restaurant picker app are boundless. Start building and bring the joy of culinary exploration to the palm of your hand!

Creating an iOS app to discover restaurants is an engaging project that combines the power of SwiftUI’s dynamic UI building with the extensive database offered by the Google Places API. Happy coding and happy dining!