Astro Portfolio


This portfolio was created using an Astro web framework template then customized to become my personal portfolio website.

Astro web framework logo.

Are you eager to showcase your work with a sleek and lightning-fast portfolio?

Look no further than Astro web framwork. In this guide, we’ll walk you through creating a stunning portfolio site using Astro and hosting it on GitHub Pages, complete with a custom domain from Google Domains and the added security of Cloudflare’s DNS and HTTPS.

Why Astro Web Framework?

Astro offers a modern take on web development, combining the best of static site generation and dynamic frameworks. Its lightning speed and developer-friendly approach make it an ideal choice for crafting impressive portfolios that load in a blink.

Getting Started

Creating Your Portfolio Template: Start by designing your portfolio using Astro’s components and layout options. Leverage its flexibility to personalize your showcase. GitHub Pages Setup: Deploy your Astro-built site to GitHub Pages, leveraging its free hosting and version control benefits. Custom Domain from Google Domains: Elevate your portfolio’s professionalism with a custom domain. Purchase a domain from Google Domains and link it to your GitHub Pages site. Cloudflare for DNS and HTTPS: Enhance your site’s security and performance by routing traffic through Cloudflare. Set up DNS records and enable HTTPS for that added layer of protection. Follow my step by step guide for a more in-depth setup.

Publishing Your Portfolio

Once everything is set up, publish your Astro-based portfolio to your custom domain. Showcasing your work has never been easier or more professional. Share your unique domain name with potential clients, employers, and collaborators, showcasing your expertise in style.


Astro Web Framework empowers developers to create lightning-fast and visually captivating portfolios. Pairing it with GitHub Pages for hosting, a custom domain from Google Domains, and Cloudflare’s security, your online presence will stand out in the crowded digital landscape.

Ready to launch your digital portfolio into orbit? Follow this guide to elevate your web presence with Astro Web Framework and make a lasting impression!

Happy coding and happy showcasing!

Building a professional portfolio site using Astro Web Framework, GitHub Pages, a custom domain from Google Domains, and Cloudflare for security and performance optimization is an exciting journey. Launch your portfolio to new heights and let your work shine!