Have I Got My Luggage


When bored waiting for my luggage to arrive I created a website for people to check if I had been repatriated with it.

A collection of colourful luggage

Unveiling Have I Got My Luggage

Ever experienced that moment of uncertainty after a flight, wondering, “Did my luggage make it with me?” Say hello to, a simple yet ingenious solution to ease that post-flight anxiety!

The Vision was born out of personal frustration and a desire to create a quick, no-nonsense solution for post-flight peace of mind. The mission? A straightforward website that answers a single question: “Did my luggage arrive with me?”

Creating the Solution

Website Development

Leveraging my coding skills and a touch of humor, I set out to craft a minimalistic website. The site’s functionality? Enter a flight number, and the response is a straightforward “Yes” or “No,” providing immediate clarity.

Hosting and Domain

Utilizing the simplicity and convenience of GitHub Pages for hosting, I paired it with a custom domain from Google Domains——to give the site a professional and memorable touch.


Behind the scenes, the site interacts with flight data APIs, swiftly retrieving information about luggage status, simplifying the user experience.

Bringing Peace of Mind

Ease of Use’s user-friendly interface ensures anyone, from a frequent traveler to a first-time flyer, can swiftly check their luggage status.

A Moment of Relief

For users awaiting that critical luggage confirmation, the site’s immediate “Yes” or “No” response provides instant relief or prompts swift action, reducing post-flight stress.

Conclusion is more than just a website; it’s a companion for travelers seeking reassurance after landing. With a blend of functionality, humor, and practicality, this website aims to simplify post-flight uncertainty.

As I continue to refine and enhance its features, I invite fellow travelers to experience the peace of mind that offers. Bon voyage without the baggage of uncertainty!

Stay tuned for more updates and features on!—a simple yet impactful website easing post-flight uncertainty! Keep an eye out for more updates as this project continues to evolve!